What versions of z/OS is Data Investigator compatible with?

See the Support Enquiries page.

What benefits does Data Investigator deliver?
  • Reduced elapsed time scoping the impact of software changes.
  • Reduced CPU use by minimising large, repetitive scans.
  • Improved software quality.
How can Data Investigator assist scoping the impact of change?

For example:
  • Quickly identify related data names,
  • Easily locate where data names are defined,
  • Identify calling programs for a given subprogram,
  • Locate all JCL that references a specified program.
How does Data Investigator improve software quality?

By identifying:
  • Missing source items in combinations such as source/copybooks, programs/JCL
  • Missing or extra application elements in 'old' and 'new' libraries.
  • Unreferenced source elements across most element types.